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​I was born in 1965 and raised in Adelaide, South Australia, surrounded by about one million people. I was always a geek. Violin and ballet then electronics and computers. First by card then a build your own then Apples in the physics lab. Sinclair ZX80/81/Spectrum, Commodore 64, Ti 99/4A, Sharp MZ700 Series, Apple I/II/III/Lisa/Macintosh, Assember, Basic, Pascal, C, Fortran, Lisp, Unix it goes on.


Graduated high school in 1982.


I worked for others for a while then married my high school sweetheart in 1988 and started my own consulting company in 1989.

The internet finally became popular so I could give up my CompuServe account. Years of building complex systems for clients followed, databases, neural networks, websites, security management, total systems management, full stack solutions, then I thought of JAPER.

For the past 5 years I have being building JAPER to solve the global pandemic of information theft and identity fraud, fake news and untrustworthy communications. I have designed, implemented, tested and now, finally, launched JAPER Technology.

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